We equip and empower wildlife rangers to protect nature at scale.  

We ensure that wildlife rangers, protecting our final frontiers of nature across land, marine and altitude environments, can do so with dignity and morale. 

We work with nearly 500 wildlife rangers across Africa and Asia, supporting their basic personal needs. We ensure that those protecting nature are adequately equipped to do so. 

Founded in 2019, we've come along way in our short journey, but we still have mountains to move. 

This film is on the ground telling the stories of the great individuals we work alongside at Game Rangers International. Their work across Zambia has paved a way for the recovery of nature unseen before in the nation. This is not by chance. 

This film was shot by George Leakey of LeakeyStudios, supported by our dear friend Cat Vinton, and the long-legged legend and now Trustee Steph Pomphrey. 

UN Sustainable Development Goals

We align with the following UN Sustainable Development Goals:

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