Kicken ohne Grenzen (Football without Borders)

Kicken ohne Grenzen is an innovative education project that, through various football-based of- fers, motivates young people to be active, empow- ers them, and supports them in the development of their own potential. Open, free football-trai- ning sessions in different neighbourhoods and at schools that have increased support requirements serve as the initial landing point and safe space where young people feel they belong and are valu- ed.

In the training sessions, they not only learn how to play football but above all discover their strengths and potentials, and it is on this basis that Kicken ohne Grenzen provides programmes that facilitate the transition from school to work life and prepare the young people for a world that is changing at an ever-increasing rate.

The project takes the young people’s individual skills and needs into account and turns them into active protagonists in their respective life realities.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

We align with the following UN Sustainable Development Goals:

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