Food for All

Hello and welcome to our wonderful organisation, 'Food for All'! We feed thousands of people daily by providing mobile hot nutritious food on the streets of London and the UK. Our current achievement is winning the 2021 Queens Award for successfully upscailng our daily production during lockdown and cooking and distributing 5000 hot nutritious packaged meals to the homeless, socialially disadvntaged and the vulnerable; who were without access to food during lockdown. The heart of our charity has operated in London for over 30 years but we have also provided international relief over the years where needed the most. In 2016 we mobalised a kitchen in Calals 'jungle' feeding refugees and we even toured Europe with our famous 'big pot' to highlight the plight of food waste ('Feed the 5000'). This year we were called to the most serious matter to provide food aid in Ukraine and set up kitchens in eastern Ukraine, Poland and the Czech Republic helping many thousands of refugees fleeing the boarder. Our motto is Food is Love, and our mission is to make and share as much free delicious food with the world!

UN Sustainable Development Goals

We align with the following UN Sustainable Development Goals:

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