BanktheFood is on a mission to support food banks, soup kitchens, food pantries and any other charitable organisations working tirelessly to help eradicate food poverty across the UK.

We have created an app which allows food charities to communicate their immediate needs to donors and in its first year, our platform has grown to a community of 20,000 donors and 250 food charities, seeing over 1000 donations per day recorded on the app. Our innovative app will send users a ‘ping’ when they are shopping in the supermarket with the needs of their local food charity to ensure donations are exactly what is needed, exactly when they need.

TV Presenter and Comedian, Joe Lycett kindly donated his time to voicing our film and says the app is 'a frankly brilliant idea that will hopefully help the thousands of food banks in the UK.'

The film was generously produced pro bono by the charity HelpFilm, with animation by Claudio Sa from Pistachio studios.

Carlisle food bank says our app bridges 'a missing gap we didn’t realise we had' and Fiona, Manager of Peebleshire food bank says BanktheFood ensures 'we receive the things we need, rather than the things people think we need!’ 

Sally Gunnell OBE wrote on Twitter 'It's a really great way to make sure your generous donations are targeted to provide the most effective support!'

Recognition of our work from Smiley Charity Film Awards would help our small charity gain more users on the app, which in turn would ensure more food charities are receiving crucial donations during this unprecedented time.

There has never been a bigger need for BanktheFood app than now.

Thank you for your support.

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